Freighthouse station Escape room challenge

We have 3 rooms you have to try and solve puzzles before your time runs out. At the end, you are given a choice to save your friends or save yourself. The HH Holmes is a three room escape room where you are trying to evade the serial killer! The Brothers Grimm is a three room series that is family friendly where you are trying to escape the huntsmen by catching and banishing your from the forest forever!


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Welcome to the Freighthouse Station Escape Room Challenge

Step back into the 1800s where you are a guest at H H Holmes murder castle. You have to try and solve puzzles to get to your next room, without being his next victim. There are 3 rooms where you are given clues to try and make it to the next puzzle followed by more. Try to make it out of certain rooms without being gassed [which means you run out of time] you won’t be really gassed or will you?

Solve puzzles to get to the next room before your time runs out!




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