Freighthouse station Escape room challenge

We have 3 rooms you have to try and solve puzzles before your time runs out. At the end, you are given a choice to save your friends or save yourself. The HH Holmes is a three room escape room where you are trying to evade the serial killer! The Brothers Grimm is a three room series that is family friendly where you are trying to escape the huntsmen by catching and banishing your from the forest forever!

Welcome to the Freighthouse station escape room challenge

Step back into the 1800s where you are a guest at H H Holmes murder castle. You have to try and solve puzzles to get to your next room, without being his next victim. There are 3 rooms where you are given clues to try and make it to the next puzzle followed by more. Try to make it out of certain rooms without being gassed [which means you run out of time] you won’t be really gassed or will you?

Solving puzzles to get to the next room before your time runs


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Group: $250 for group of 6
or $40 per person

Please Note Time Slots are for 1 Hour Increments Starting on the hour

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